About Moores Landscape

Our passion for the outdoors and caring for the land started early. Moores Landscaping was a natural result of our love for the land.

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Our Story

Aaron Moore translated his love of the outdoors, very high energy and activity level into a thriving business by the time he was 16 years old.

At the age of 12, with a reel lawn mower, Aaron began mowing his mom’s yard. Soon, neighbors asked him to mow their lawns. He bought his first gas powered mower at a garage sale. The entrepreneur had begun making a name for himself.

At 13, Aaron went to work for a landscaper from whom he learned valuable landscaping skills. At 14, he went back to work for himself. Aaron began distributing flyers around his neighborhood, establishing a successful foundation for expansion. For the next two years, he would either ride his bike to work and use the homeowner’s mower or his mom would deliver and pick up his mower for him.

At the magic driving age of 16, he bought a truck. He handed out more flyers and soon had 24 customers. During his senior year, his business “just exploded”. Come summer after graduation he had two full-time crews, 60 residential, 3 corporate customers and lots of landscape installations. He would be up at 4:30 in the morning working on his corporate customers since their properties were well lit.

While running his expanding landscape business, in 2005 Aaron graduated from North Metro Tech where he earned his diploma in Environmental Horticulture, specializing as a horticulturist. He studied plants and design, chemical application and sprinkler system installation. He is state licensed to apply chemicals

At 19, Aaron bought his first house with a 3 bay work truck garage. From here he conducted and expanded his business.

By 2002 Aaron had built Moore’s Landscaping up to four 3 man crews, 3 maintenance crews and 1 landscape installation crew.

By 2004 the business was getting too big and losing the one-on-one customer service which is how the company was built.

The Moore’s Landscaping motto has always been, “ If the customer is not happy then we are not in business, but if the customer is extremely happy then he will pass our name along to others.” ​

2006 -2008 was spent scaling back the company to focus on the customer service and make sure every customer and job was getting the attention it needed. As of today we are a smaller company focusing on providing exceptional customer service and producing the best quality work in or industry.

Interested in anything you see? Give us a call to find out how we can help your property grow.