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Custom Landscape Design

Moore's landscaping offers multiple design packages including a basic sketch of the front or back yard today ($425), or, a total "to scale" site plan for your landscape garden. Moore's landscaping credits any money that you spend on design work to the project so if you spend $500 for design you'll get a $500 credit on your install when you use our company to do the work.

Moore's Landscaping - Landscape Design

Current Landscaping Specials

Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Free landscape design with install package

Landscape Care

Lawn Maintenance

4 free mowing with annual contract

 Drainage and Irrigation

Irrigation Installation

20% Off irrigation install 3 zones or better


From colorful spring blooms to blazing fall colors, nature's plants are the true highlight to any outdoor space. Plant materials are the most beneficial component to your landscape. Our hand selected trees, container plants, groundcovers and perennials bring texture, scale and color to your yard while providing a relaxing serene and tranquil environment. Plants provide us with shade, help cool our homes, filter dust and increase the value of our property more than many other investments.


One of the best ways to enhance your project is by introducing unique hardscaping materials into your space. Whether it's natural stone, pavers, or one of many concrete finishes, the aesthetic value each material offers can bring your project to life. By maximizing outdoor entertaining opportunities we can bet that you and your family will be spending much less time indoors.

Moores Landscaping - Hardscaping & Construction

Moores Landscaping - Landscape Irrigation & Drainage Systems

Landscape Irrigation & Drainage

Lack of rain combined with the scorching summer heat can really do a number on your lawn and garden. Let our team save you time and energy by designing an irrigation system that fits in your budget and works where you need it to.

Outdoor Lighting

For those looking to enhance their landscape when the sun goes down, outdoor lighting is for you. Offering a variety of applications, our team can develop a lighting scheme to match your budget and taste, specific to your project. Illuminate your garden paths, trees, structures and pool with our amazing selection of lighting fixtures. And you thought your space looked good during the day…just wait!

Moores Landscaping - Walls and Stonework

Walls and Stonework

If you are looking to separate your yard in an absolutely unique fashion, then custom stone work may be the answer for you. Our team and equipment is ready to tackle anything your terrain throws our way. From engineered wall systems and natural outcroppings, to stunning veneer finishes, the details are no problem here at Coppercreek Landscaping!

Water Features

One of nature’s greatest gifts is the distinct sound of water. These sounds, matched with unforgettable scenery, generate the soothing atmosphere we aspire to hear. Water features allow homeowners a way to bring natural elements into their home. Let us turn your home into a retreat. Just sit back, listen and enjoy.

Moores Landscaping - Landscape Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces

Fire is a great way to draw people together any time of year. The comforting warmth and dramatic glow are creature comforts that we all enjoy. Whether your choice is gas or wood burning, we can create a unique feature that will have your friends and family begging for more s’mores. Ask us about adding a fire pit to your backyard.

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